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Faceter Hand Piece with 96 Index


☛ Made with Bronze and Aluminum
☛ 6mm or 3mm or 1/4″ collector Chuck sizes
☛ High Precision User Friendly Faceter Hand Piece
☛ Heavy-duty High Quality Product
☛ Best Choice for Professionals and Trainees
☛ Faster Production
☛ Trigger lock Function for Round calibrated girdle sizes

Gem Faceting Machine with Speed Control Unit


This is the world’s top selling Gem Faceting and cutting machine which gives you a high accurate result to cut your gemstone. This heavy-duty machine weighs almost 25kg and will run for a few generations without any issues. Machine comes with an in-built speed controller which can run the lap from 0 RPM to 3000 RPM. Variable speed could adjust from the knob of the potentiometer in a single touch. As well as cutting and polishing the gemstones, our customers are able to cut the diamond stones with a rotation speed of more than 2500 RPM. Rotation could be changed for both ways with a switch, without stopping the machine. Selectable dual tone magnifying lamps would help to examine the gemstone while cutting.